Founded in 1989, Cristina Foods is a wholesale foodservice distributor who is quality, service, and sustainability-driven. Doing business with Cristina Foods means your products are carefully selected, then handled and delivered with full traceability from farm-to-fork. Their vast network of local, national, and international growers and manufacturers allow them to be versatile in addressing customer preferences. Their distribution center, located in the heart of Chicago, is the only LEED Certified-Platinum facility of its kind in the United States. Amongst the many value-added and sustainable characteristics of their facility, their docks are refrigerated, as is their fleet of late-model, GPS-equipped delivery vehicles, optimizing product integrity. Food safety is a top priority as evidenced by their HACCP program, USDA GAP certification, and third party audit. They offer many value-added services such as customized reporting for our customers and country-of-origin disclosure of all items on the invoice. They are a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) with many local, national agencies and councils, and are ACDBE certified by the city of Chicago. As such, they can assist in a wide range of supplier diversity goal fulfillment and initiatives.

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